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Educational institutions, along with the changing aspirations of students, parents and the society have undergone critical transformations over time. Having successfully completed 20 years since its inception, the BMD Jain School has continuously been imparting meaningful and quality education to its students. The transformations and accomplishments over the years have been top-class and high standards of academic excellence have throughout been maintained to achieve the institution’s vision.

The unrelenting efforts in reinforcing the commitment to travel the extra mile in achieving the school’s vision helps students discover, plan and reach their personal goals in life. This is clearly evident from the school's excellent academic results that clearly show consistency in the above-par performance of the students.

In our school, the approach to the learning process is not only interesting and fun-filled, but also an exciting experience. More importance is given to the old adage of ‘preach what you practice and practice what you preach.’ Education has reached such credible heights that training our teachers and other staff periodically is made mandatory in our school. The various teacher training programmes, workshops and guest lecturing from time to time help them stay abreast in their specific field of expertise.

’s multicultural, inclusive and participative learning environment with a futuristic curriculum in place enables every student to carve a niche for them and become socially responsible. The many awards of excellence bestowed on the school and the high performance standards stand as a testimony to the many success stories that the faculty and its management have achieved over the years.

The strong vision of the school to become a role model for its effective implementation of the various teaching and learning strategies is intensifying day by day as the school continues to grow. Synergy across the teaching staff and management in imparting value-based, holistic education not only ensures standardised teaching methodologies and application of appropriate strategies, but also creates a perfect ambience for students to become emotionally strong.  

A highly participative platform of sharing and learning is provided to our students. Our students are encouraged to become an integral part of the decision making team. The highly skilled teaching professionals of our school guide our students to shoulder responsibilities in the areas of discipline, representing the school in various events, planning and orgainising various functions and celebrations, etc.

At the outset, the management takes every possible initiative and leaves no stone unturned to realise the vision of our school to shape highly skilled, knowledge-rich, self reliant and dependable citizens of tomorrow’s India!

I wish the students, a remarkable success in all their future endeavours, and at the same time would never forget to thank the selfless efforts of our staff members in achieving this feat of sharpening the intellect of students, of course with the co-operation of their parents!

C. Lickmichand Jain

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